We have been separated a long time, but finally we found each other again, and now it is time to show the origins of my footwear soul to the world (or blogosphere, that is).

Here it is, the original first pair of Nike shoes ever I got back in 1996. Before then, I had to play in some Adidas Sambas, which was ridiculous.

I had this exact pair in a sz.8 or 8.5 I think, and this one is a sz.13 (my actual size).

The ankle support straps were called the “Fitwrap Technology” by Nike. You could buy them in other colours to match your uniform.





I can remember that 2 or 3 years later, I only had the box left, and the Tag on the box was like a sticker, which was really strange. So the box became anonymous when the sticker tag came off. I was angry about something and kicked the box lying on the ground, filled with stuff. The box survived and I still have it!