I started this blog so people can see my work, what I like to look at, what I like to think about and what I spend a lot of time with.

The reason this page has found its way to life was because I spent some time in Budapest with a shoemaker, along with a girl from Atlanta, a model from Hungary, and some other folks.

Marcell Mrsan told me to publish my stuff in a blog so other people can see what I am doing. I never gave it much thought, but – here I am. I will also use this blog as a scrapbook for saving stuff I like, to remind myself of it.


I imported all of the old posts from my previous blog http://www.bobgetty.blogspot.com so you can see I come from: My love for athletic shoes is still intact. I just have lots of interests. So why not a blog about shoes in general, from my perspective? There you go.